React Native Social Dating App


What’s New?

1) Update the mobile react native version from 0.63 to 0.66.

2) Admin panel (Web Application using React Js)

Legendbae is a dating application with a firebase backend. It’s developed in React Native Framework. Which support iOS and Android devices.

Legendbae is different from another dating application. Legendbae is connected to two people. Legendbae have a seeker feature. On the seeker feature, you can send a seeker request to nearby users. First, you can send a request. after acceptance, you can chat & meet with your suggested location for tea dating, movies dating, etc.

Legendbae have many features like a swipe gesture, social login, filter, matches, chat, seeker, and notification, etc.

Legendbae contains 35+ screens. Also, you can customize the screen as per your requirement, and components also reuseable.

Admin Video Link:

Android APK Download:






– Users can log in via Phone, Google, and Facebook.
– Phone verification using a pin.
– Step up your profile like name, username, email, dob, height, body type, gender, sexuality, personality, education, marital status, looking for, religion, drinking, smoking, eating.
– Users can upload images and delete them.
– Fetching nearby users.
– Swipe features.
– Users can filter using distance, age, looking for, and sexuality.
– Congratulation! match pop up.
– Chat with a matched profile user.
– Edit profile
– Premium users can saw her/his matches.
– Premium users can saw her/his like.
– Premium users have additional functionality Seekers
– Premium users can send seeker requests to other nearby users.
– Premium users can chat with a seeker user after acceptance.
– Get match and seeker request notification
– Fetching Matches: A match is formed only if two users swipe right(like) on each other.
– Power-packed with React Native, NativeBase, React Navigation along with Firebase.
– Single JavaScript codebase for iOS & Android.
– Two types of Purchase Modal 1. Monthly 2. Yearly
– Firebase Dashboard for Analytics & view registered users

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React Native Social Dating App

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  • Released On:
    16 February 2021
  • Version:
  • Compatibility:
    Android 9-13
  • Framework:
    JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, JavaScript JSON